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MVJ Surgical and Pharmaceutical SupplierMVJ Surgical and Pharmaceutical SupplierMVJ Surgical and Pharmaceutical Supplier

About us

About us

Sourcing quality, affordable and sustainable supplies of medication

MVJ Surgical & Medical Suppliers Limited is a reputed Pharmaceuticlas, Surgical, Medical Equipment, Surgical instruments and Hospital supplies. The company got incorporated in 2014 and has since continued to expand its horizons to market around the Kingdom of Eswatini, providing quality products and the best of services.

Mission statement

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  • MVJ is committed in ensuring the continuous improvement in sourcing quality, affordable and sustainable distribution of medications.
  • To provide internally recognized quality products in accordance with W.H.O standards.
  • To outsource cost effective medication in order to reach all the patients in the Eswatini.
  • To aspire to be efficient and effective in providing services to clients.
  • To uphold a reputation of reliability and strict business ethics
  • To maintain and acquire global leadership position in distribution medication and medical supplies.
  • To create a new opportunity for growth continuously in order to reach affordability of medication for all.
  • To focus on improving patient’s lives by identifying, developing and commercializing.
  • Transparent customer relationship
  • Cost consciousness
  • Continuous improvement
  • Integrity and dignity
  • Decent work culture
  • Employee sense of belonging

Our Product And service delivery

MVJ is committed in supplying high quality medications to hospitals, pharmacies and clinics in order to reach all patients and end-users.

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  • To be top of mind company in cheaper generics.
  • To maintain distribution and selling expenses low while meeting demands.
  • Size opportunities in government sectrors and non-government organizations.
  • To offer broad products portfolio.
  • To empower young entrepreneurs by providing the practical platform to see how real-world works.
  • To promote good relationships between employers and employees.

Our Commitment

MVJ is committed in adding value to the people of Eswatini by:

  • Ensuring affordability of medications for all is achived.
  • Meeting demands of the clinic, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Providing high quality medications affordable for all.
  • Delivery across Eswatini free of charge.

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